Q: How do I get my rescue into your Contest?
A: The 2021 International Pibborafi Rescue Hero Contest is open!
  1. They must be a rescued dog. Then find the cutest, most adorable digital picture of your pup that you can.
  2. Post that picture, along with with your pup's name, gender, Instagram handle, and a brief description of your pup's rescue story, to the Instagram hashtag #pibbpickmypup2021. Once on that hashtag, that gets you in the running. Those who didn't win the previous year, or posted to previous Contest hashtags, can re-enter for 2021. By following us on Instagram, you will be kept up-to-date on developments such as the new 2021 hashtag.
  3. Any dog with any amount of followers can compete—even a rescue with 0 followers can compete, they just need to have a presence on Instagram. Three categories exist; Superstar (20k and above followers), and Hometown (19,999 followers) and Pup Drop (1k followers and below). Pibborafi will select the finalists randomly. We will post individual Instagram posts on our page of the finalists: those are the posts that you will vote on/like to determine the 2021 Winners!

    THE PRIZE: The winner/s get their dog done as a Pibborafi Rescue Hero and receive at least a dozen of their soft, squeezable Heroes free of charge with free shipping to their home or office. They also choose the rescue or charity they would like their Hero sales and/or donations to support.